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Sara is the Vet-Pet Rescue Coordinator. Being a veterinary technician is only the beginning of her efforts to help animals of all types. She spends most of her free time traveling to high-kill shelters throughout Missouri taking in dogs, cats, and even exotics, rescuing them from certain euthanasia and finding them new forever homes. After getting the animals up to date on their medical needs; vaccines, heartworm tests, feline leukemia and feline aids tests, along with spaying/neutering, and any illness or injury they might have; She takes them to different adoption events on the weekends to help them get noticed by their future families. Sara is the proud mother of Lola and Bela, a beautiful Pug and a loving Schnauzer; Jenkins, Roman, Novi , and Godric are the cats in her life (all of which were adopted from Vet-Pet Rescue). 

Rescue Coordinator

Sara Jones

Dr. Douglas Pernikoff, Affectionately referred to as "Dr. Doug", is a 1975 honors graduate of the University of Missouri, College of Agriculture.  Dr. Doug attended the University  and received a Veterinary Medicine Degree in 1981, with special honors awards including The Adrian J. Durant Avian Medicine Award, and elected membership into the Phi Zeta Veterinary Honors Society. After participating in a small animal internship at The Grand Avenue Veterinary Hospital in Santa Ana, California. He returned to St. Louis to participate in a residency program in Zoologic Veterinary Medicine at the St. Louis Zoo, in partnership with the University of Missouri Veterinary College. Dr. Doug followed with graduate studies in Anthropology at Washington University, St. Louis. He has worked in small animal medicine and surgery; emergency and laboratory animal medicine and research; in zoo medicine and as a worldwide conservation veterinarian through his role with the Wildlife Preservation Trust and The Jersey Wildlife Trust. He has lectured, published, taught and participated in field research around the world, and more. Dr. Doug was a co-founder in The Center for Conservation Medicine, established at Tuft's College of Veterinary Medicine. His special interests are many and diverse, but include painting and art collection; photography, herpetology, collecting natural history books, supporting young people in the sciences and Non-Kill Animal Rescue programs,. His is the only state veterinarian certified as a rescue organization in the state of Missouri, having established Vet-Pet Rescue organization that functions through his established, Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary Clinic. He serves on the boards of the "Loosen the Leash" and the "Center for American Archaeology" organizations in his spare time. Dr. Doug also serves as the consulting veterinarian for the "World Bird Sanctuary", caring for raptors, parrots, and many unusual exotic species. He is a patented inventor and published children's author as well. Most importantly, Dr. Doug is a roadie for his his kids' singer-songwriter band "The Pernikoff Brothers".

Owner of Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary Clinic


Founder of Vet-Pet Rescue

Dr. Douglas Pernikoff

A LITTLE about our rescue, Staff, and volunteers

Our 501c3 rescue group is one of the few certified animal rescues run by a Veterinarian in the state of Missouri. We go above and beyond helping animals of all types to find caring, forever homes. We adopt out an average of 500 animals a year saving them from certain euthanasia and unfortunate situations.